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Death soon becomes us or so they say Beauty and passion are taken away
Turn away bleeding they banish your soul
No longer forgiven deception untold
Follow the streetlights to suffering and pain
Anguish stained teardrops will fade with the rain
Jealousy within us is coupled with hate
Forces of nature controlling our fate
Lonely souls beckon, the future so blind
Suffer the children because of our kind
No understanding of all that we’ve done
We’ll never bear witness to the beasts we’ve become
The shadows surround us like angels of death
Our heartbeats are fading with every breath
Now here in the silence we close our eyes tight
We’ll sleep til forever and follow the light
Our tears have all fallen, this sorrows our own
Another soul broken now we’re all alone
Awakening, Creativity, life, Mental Health, Nature

I Miss Being a Tree

The rain fell gently all over me, reminding me of the past. It felt cool on my dry faded skin. Then the sun came out from behind the clouds, drying me off. I felt the cold hard concrete holding me in place and a breeze gently passing me. All around me, others just like me, stood like cookie cutter statues all in a row. We all shared the same sadness and longing for home. A home we would never see again.

I tried not to think about my last day there but sometimes i could still hear the sound of the saw cutting through my body. Then that almighty crash as i fell to the ground, surrounded by my friends. I wondered if they had suffered a similar fate to me. I had reached out to those nearest to me when i felt the first blow. My life energy had surged from my roots and into theirs, passing along my strength to help them grow even stronger.

Now i could no longer feed from the earth that had surrounded my roots. I could never again soak up the rain or breathe in the air. My limbs had all been removed so i couldnt offer shade or a home for wildlife anymore. My bark had been stripped away, leaving my trunk exposed. I would no longer grow any closer to the sky. My only purpose now, was to serve as a place for things to be hung. A lifeless ghost of my former green glory. Never to bloom again. 

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Once Upon a Time…..

…there was an idealistic, insecure, gentle natured little girl. She dreamed of someday being a famous rock star or maybe being surounded by hundreds of once homeless animals whom she’d take in. She always felt like an outsider, even with her family and most of her friends. She loved and felt, everything deeply and she longed to feel that same love from anyone else at all. The one place she could always find it, was when she spent time singing to her animal companions but even their love couldnt make her feel beautiful too.

As the years went by and the hurts built up, she lost herself more and more in the sea of corruption and competition, trying desperately to fit in. Searching endlessly for authentic love. She became trapped in a vicious cycle of attraction and rejection, looking in all the wrong places. Eventually a black cloud grew around her, blocking out everything that truly mattered to her. She tried to reach out for help but no one could find the way in and she could not find her way out either. So she carried the cloud with her everywhere, like a warm, safe coat that tripped her up constantly.

After 25 years had passed her by, she finally thought she had found the answer to all her misfortunes. The cloud began to lift but the girl was still blinded, by a false love. Soon a new child was born, full of life and gusto, with much to teach the once little girl. The new child led the girl on a treacherous journey, that took all her courage to survive. To a place long forgotten, buried deep in the depths of her heart. Slowly the girl began to awaken and remember the song of her authentic innocence of youth. The girl knew that the love she had been seeking, had been around her and within her all along. It whispered to her on the wind as it travelled through the trees. It beckoned to her from the sky in the call of a kookaburra. It nuzzled her arm in the form of her canine companions. Most of all, it lifted her heart ever so slightly, everytime she sang her baby a lullaby. Authentic love had never left her. It had waited quietly for so many years, until the day her eyes would truly open. All she had to do now, was follow it back to her true self and the life she was born to live.

And so it begins…..