Willow Armadillo 

Willow was a pink fairy Armadillo who

was always curling up in a ball whenever

she got a fright, which was quite often.

Her 3 sisters who were all born at the

same time as her, were always laughing at

her and using her as a soccer ball.

Willow would think about how much she

missed her parents as she was rolled

around and around on the ground.

Her whole family had been captured just

after willow and her sisters were born.

They had been taken to a zoo where

people would stand and stare at them all

day. Not long after they had arrived there,

both her parents had become sick. Then

one morning, they had disappeared and

never came back. So the babies escaped

through a tiny opening. Every day willow

and her sisters would race each other

deep beneath the ground to see who was

the fastest burrower but willow always

came last. One day a big storm came and

the armadillo family huddled together in

their burrow. But soon the burrow began

to fill with water and the 4 sisters barely

escaped. They hid beneath a sapling and

tried to stay dry as they waited for the

storm to pass. As they watched the rain a

wild boar trotted towards them. He

spotted the armadillo family right away

and began to charge at them. Willow

quickly curled herself into a ball while

her  sisters tried to dig to safety but the

ground had turned to mud. The 3 girls

scattered in different directions but they

were diggers not runners and the boar

was right behind them. Willow called to

her sisters to curl up like her but they

were too afraid to stop running. Then

willow had an idea. She called to her

sisters to play soccer and they ran

towards willow. They gave an almighty

kick and sent willow flying towards the

boar. The willow ball hit the boar in the

bottom and he ran away squealing. The

armadillos all cheered and lifted willow

up on their shoulders, as she uncurled

herself and smiled proudly. After that,

willows sisters never laughed at her or

used her as a soccer ball again. Except of

course sometimes when it rained too



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