Dream Flood

pexels-photo-709542.jpegI dreamt that it was raining and i was driving with the kids in some random place. I wasnt totally sure of the right way to go. Brooklyn said we should stop for the night at a motel but i wanted to get home. We kept going but soon the road was flooded and there were crocs around the place. I asked for help but some guys just told me what to do in a complicated way. They expected me to just help myself and laughed. The girls were hungry but all we had were mustard, coffee and something else, all in the one sandwich. I still ate it and it wasnt too bad. We turned back and just made it back to the motel in time. I knew we would probably die and i felt scared and helpless. I started to cry as a rang simon to tell him what happened. Soon our motel room was flooded and we had to climb into the ceiling to get onto the roof. There were heaps of other people there and i was terrified as i realised that we didnt have much roof left before it would be covered by the flood. It stopped raining and i begged the sky not to rain anymore. It started to rain again and i felt like it was my fault. We realised that there was a higher section of the roof that only certain people got to go on and they would last longer. I tried to take my dog up there but him and half my family were put in a room of the motel, which was getting deeper under water all the time. It was a safe room for now but the people in it would eventually have to somehow try to make it up to the surface by swimming. A helicopter arrived to deliver yummy food to a few lucky people and i wondered why they didnt just save us instead. I looked around the higher section and saw a brain dead guy. I was tempted to turn his machines off to make room for other people from down below. I wondered if they had even let criminals up here, while innocent people were stuck below. I tried to talk to a lady but two lions jumped up beside me and scared me. Thats when i woke up.


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