About Amy

Im a married, 35 year old mum to two beautiful girls, brooklyn 5.5 and willow 2. Ive struggled with depression, anxiety, low self esteem and ocd for alot of my life. My passions are singing, laughing, reading, writing and nature. Ive lived in the same town in australia for most of my life. My daughter brooklyn is whats known as a spirited child (see full on and demanding). All my romantic relationships have been emotionally and financially abusive, including my current relationship. Ive been on zoloft for about ten years now. I have trouble saying no to people because i feel peoples pain. I lost my mum to heart failure, right before my wedding and conception of my first daughter. We didnt always get along but losing her has had a huge impact on my life. Im a vegetarian and a greenie. I have a 7 year old shar pei called chief. Nature is my religion. Someday i hope to use my talents to help nature. I have a younger sister and brother. My values are things like family, justice, mercy, fairness, love and compassion. This blog is my creative outlet for anything i need to say. 

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