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Brooklyn the Brumby

Brooklyn the brumby lived in the Australian bush with the rest of her herd. She was always getting in trouble for doing her own thing and she never stopped talking. 

The other brumbies teased her and told her she was annoying. Brooklyn tried not to listen and kept being unique but sometimes she felt lonely and different to the others. Sometimes she even cried.

When she felt sad, Brooklyn would run as fast as the wind and imagine she had wings. Sometimes when she got angry she would imagine she had a magic horn and could turn the others into donkies. 

Brooklyn felt like the herd would be happier without her so one night she decided to run away and live all alone. Then she could talk as much as she liked and be herself without others complaining.

Once the other brumbies were asleep brooklyn crept away into the night. As she walked, she looked up at the stars twinkling down on her. Suddenly she saw a shooting star race across the sky and she quickly made a wish. 

Brooklyn started to make up a song to fill in the lonely silence. She reached the top of a hill and looked down over the valley where she was born. A loud gunshot rang out through the night and Brooklyn frantically searched for where the noise had come from. 

Suddenly she heard the terrified screams of her herd and she knew she had to go back and help them. She had travelled almost all night and she knew it would be too late by the time she got there but she had to try. 

Brooklyn ran like the wind and called out to her family. The cold air stung her eyes and her vision was soon blurry but she kept going. When she finally opened her eyes, she realised her feet weren’t touching the ground anymore. She looked around and saw she was flying and had magically grown wings but she didn’t have time to freak out. 

In no time at all she was by the herds side. They were being rounded up by men who planned on trapping and selling them. Brooklyn had to stop them somehow so she charged at the men and kicked wildly at their faces. 

The men whipped her and tried to catch her from all directions. She stood and stared at the men with her nostrils flaring angrily. Suddenly the men were thrown backwards hard. They all lay staring at Brooklyn with faces as pale as ghosts. 

The men ran away screaming in horror and Brooklyn realised she had magically grown a horn which had sent out an invisible blast to get rid of the men. She turned to her herd and they surrounded her, each rearing up and neighing loudly. 

Brooklyn knew that the shooting star had made her wish come true. Now she looked as special on the outside as she was on the inside. She knew she would never feel lonely again. Now she was more different than ever because now she was an Alicorn.