Family Feuds

Apparently im not helping by trying to get my stupid hubby and my daughter to get along coz he is too retarded to get along on his own coz she keeps bitching to me about it. Fuk wit hubby. Wish some prince charming would come rescue me but all i get is dikheds if anyone. Fml! All i am to him is a vag. I deserve so much better than this shit. His excuse is he was trying to be funny and he is tired. Like usual. Oh yeah its so funny being disrespectful like every male in my life ever. Cock head. And guys wonder y they dont get any sex. Fuckin dumb asses! No wonder women stay and put up with bullshit. I adore men but i havnt met any that deserve it. Think i was born in the wrong century. Prove me wrong hot gentlemen. Id gladly leave for a real man. This is not how i imagined my life.


My Life

Born 1982


Kate 1984

Hervey bay

Blake 1986










Moved out


Mental health



Gold coast

Hervey bay





Moved out


Mum died


Moved out





Simons back


Mums msg from the grave




Purpose-nature sing wispa heal-grad






Cash-spend what i want-wants


Hobbies-s d pk sup sw ar k wr cr i hr y-car music playground matt sw ar mattress wp kids i lessons ex-auto ttr

Family-learn-auto, chief-ttr, sore-tabs on n off-auto/ttr-a, mean-asertive-mean

Loox-ex-3-hfw, f-sbcf-eat, b-

Friends-sim, phil, nic, mad dog, malina, john, harris, kade, mick, mick, will, blake, etc.



Shooting up the enemy

Masamune, Fortune cookies

Everyone looks the same as each other but life choices affect it later

Jeffrey-petrol station balloons

Angels antics devil-beach baby umbrella, power walker tiger, kid bolt up to, jet ski race

Old stories made modern and weird like robyn hoode etc, sleep beauty depressed etc

Cinema girl

Loa land

Parkour pixies, singing satyrs/selkies, arion, asena, write, kelpie, pegacorn, wraith, ride, nymphs, yowie, drop bear, dryad, blue tiger

Tribute to mum-bees, dance, velvety rose, sing, etc.

Earthkeepers-7+1, colours, animals, skills, elemental ninja skills, eco issues, countries, hairs, etc

How to get published

Class Anxiety pet

Bird personalities-pigeon polite, seagull rude etc

Singing for roman royals

Mod squad

Sword and the flame

Left at shelter. Chase car. Etc

Tiny elephants

Cardinal, whale etc no mate song

Short film fest pool naked ride, teen guy, rescue kiss married future etc



Im tired of letting ppl use me

Im tired of letting ppl abuse me

Im tired of letting ppl infuse me

With their doubt and their lies and their deceit in disguise

As concern for my wellbeing

Their concern for what im feeling

Their concern that im unappealing

So they push me away to a corner where i stay

Until i become worth it

Thats when i become nervous

Thats when i become further

Away from my true self or left on a dark shelf

Amongst those who have failed

Amongst those who have bailed

Amongst those who have paled

When its their time to shine and time to walk a straight line

So we cower and crawl back

Knowing everything we lack

Knowing we’ll never go back

To the places of shame where they poisoned our brains

And dragged us into the city

And filled our hearts up with pity

And made us all feel so shitty

Because we couldnt live up to expectations they had but

We wont ever stop rioting

We wont ever stop lighting

The way for those who are fighting

For a future of peace for every beauty, man and beast

Coz everyone is deserving

Coz everyone is here serving

Coz everyone is here learning

How to live and let live and let go, and to give

Every piece of their heart

Coz we all play a part

And the best time to start

Is the here and the now, no matter who why or how

So stand up and be proud

Let your voice hit the crowd

Speak your truth, take a vow

Pledge allegiance to earth the sacred land of your birth

The only one in this universe who truly sees what youre worth and always puts your life first along with every other tiny insignificant speck.

It could be worse



The Gaelic form of the surname Joyce is Seoigh pronounced sho ya/sho-i-ga.The name may be of French locational origins from the village of Josse sur Mer, in Calvados, Normandy Glamorganshire (Welsh: Sir Forgannwg), a region of South Wales, anciently part of the Welsh kingdom of Glywysing, where they held a family seat from very early times and were granted lands by Duke William of Normandy, their liege Lord, for their distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings.They settled in the far west of Connacht, on the borders of Mayo and Galway, where their descendants became completely gaelicised, ruling the territory in the barony of Ross – today still known as ‘Joyce’s Country’The Joyces were one of the fourteen ‘Tribes of Galway‘, who had seats in Mervue, Woodquay, and parts of County Mayo.James Augustine Aloysius Joyce (1882-1941), Irish author, best known for his novel “Ulysses” in 1922, “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” in 1916.Richard Joyce was a goldsmith around 1700 who is credited with the origins of the Claddagh ring.”Death before dishonour”.We do know from the Battle Abbey Rolls that recorded the companions of William the Conqueror that a Cil de Jort (Lord of Jort) fought for William. It is assumed that this is the same person as Robertus de Jorz who was recorded in the Domesday Book 20 years later as owning land in Nottinghamshire.As the Joys became Gaelicised so too did the name which morphed to Clann Seioghe.There is a distinct branch of Joyces from England who do not appear to be related to those with Connemara roots, another branch related to the English Jowsey family and yet another related to a Josse family with roots in Scotland but some suggestion that they may have gone to Scotland via Ireland.Harden is a hamlet, in the parish of Bingley, union of Keighley, Upper division of the wapentake of Skyrack, in the West Riding of Yorkshire.In Scotland, the family claim Harden in Roxburghshire as their ancient homesteadThe surname was first found in Berwickshire, Scotland•William John English VC (1882-1941), Irish recipient of the Victoria CrossDerived from the Old Norse word manningi, which means a valiant man.The surname Manning was first found in SuffolkThe oldest record of the family occurs in Domesday [Book]Mannings Heath is a village in the Horsham District of West Sussex, England.• Corporal Sidney E. Manning soldier in the United States Army who received the Medal of Honor for World War IIrish, scottish, welsh, englishConnacht, mayo, galway



People seem to wonder why im so tired all the time. Well maybe its because…

Im tired of the ugliness in the world and in the mirror too

Im tired of being broke and feeling so broken

Im tired of being called strong when all i feel is weak

Im tired of the weight on my shoulders and in other places too

Im tired of jumping through hoops while others run rings around me

Im tired of being used but im just so used to it

Im tired of arguing and fighting with my mind and other people

Im tired of not being good enough for the world or for myself

Im tired of being left out while wishing i could be left alone

Im tired of feeling like two different people living inside one body