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Brooklyn the Brumby

Brooklyn the brumby lived in the Australian bush with the rest of her herd. She was always getting in trouble for doing her own thing and she never stopped talking. 

The other brumbies teased her and told her she was annoying. Brooklyn tried not to listen and kept being unique but sometimes she felt lonely and different to the others. Sometimes she even cried.

When she felt sad, Brooklyn would run as fast as the wind and imagine she had wings. Sometimes when she got angry she would imagine she had a magic horn and could turn the others into donkies. 

Brooklyn felt like the herd would be happier without her so one night she decided to run away and live all alone. Then she could talk as much as she liked and be herself without others complaining.

Once the other brumbies were asleep brooklyn crept away into the night. As she walked, she looked up at the stars twinkling down on her. Suddenly she saw a shooting star race across the sky and she quickly made a wish. 

Brooklyn started to make up a song to fill in the lonely silence. She reached the top of a hill and looked down over the valley where she was born. A loud gunshot rang out through the night and Brooklyn frantically searched for where the noise had come from. 

Suddenly she heard the terrified screams of her herd and she knew she had to go back and help them. She had travelled almost all night and she knew it would be too late by the time she got there but she had to try. 

Brooklyn ran like the wind and called out to her family. The cold air stung her eyes and her vision was soon blurry but she kept going. When she finally opened her eyes, she realised her feet weren’t touching the ground anymore. She looked around and saw she was flying and had magically grown wings but she didn’t have time to freak out. 

In no time at all she was by the herds side. They were being rounded up by men who planned on trapping and selling them. Brooklyn had to stop them somehow so she charged at the men and kicked wildly at their faces. 

The men whipped her and tried to catch her from all directions. She stood and stared at the men with her nostrils flaring angrily. Suddenly the men were thrown backwards hard. They all lay staring at Brooklyn with faces as pale as ghosts. 

The men ran away screaming in horror and Brooklyn realised she had magically grown a horn which had sent out an invisible blast to get rid of the men. She turned to her herd and they surrounded her, each rearing up and neighing loudly. 

Brooklyn knew that the shooting star had made her wish come true. Now she looked as special on the outside as she was on the inside. She knew she would never feel lonely again. Now she was more different than ever because now she was an Alicorn. 


Willow Armadillo 

Willow was a pink fairy Armadillo who

was always curling up in a ball whenever

she got a fright, which was quite often.

Her 3 sisters who were all born at the

same time as her, were always laughing at

her and using her as a soccer ball.

Willow would think about how much she

missed her parents as she was rolled

around and around on the ground.

Her whole family had been captured just

after willow and her sisters were born.

They had been taken to a zoo where

people would stand and stare at them all

day. Not long after they had arrived there,

both her parents had become sick. Then

one morning, they had disappeared and

never came back. So the babies escaped

through a tiny opening. Every day willow

and her sisters would race each other

deep beneath the ground to see who was

the fastest burrower but willow always

came last. One day a big storm came and

the armadillo family huddled together in

their burrow. But soon the burrow began

to fill with water and the 4 sisters barely

escaped. They hid beneath a sapling and

tried to stay dry as they waited for the

storm to pass. As they watched the rain a

wild boar trotted towards them. He

spotted the armadillo family right away

and began to charge at them. Willow

quickly curled herself into a ball while

her  sisters tried to dig to safety but the

ground had turned to mud. The 3 girls

scattered in different directions but they

were diggers not runners and the boar

was right behind them. Willow called to

her sisters to curl up like her but they

were too afraid to stop running. Then

willow had an idea. She called to her

sisters to play soccer and they ran

towards willow. They gave an almighty

kick and sent willow flying towards the

boar. The willow ball hit the boar in the

bottom and he ran away squealing. The

armadillos all cheered and lifted willow

up on their shoulders, as she uncurled

herself and smiled proudly. After that,

willows sisters never laughed at her or

used her as a soccer ball again. Except of

course sometimes when it rained too


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30 years ago, a child was born on Easter. Her parents joy and Amos, named her christine. The child was a plain looking girl but she glowed with love for everything and everyone. Christine loved to sing and her parents would often find her dancing around in the garden or talking to the birds and the flowers. 

Soon it was time for Christine to start school and she sobbed loudly as her mother waved goodbye. She was a good student but struggled to understand most of her classes. Only music made any sense to her but she always tried her best anyway. 

The other children thought she was strange and saw her kindness as a weakness to attack. They bullied her daily, year after year but Christine never showed anything but kindness to them. However, their unkind words began to slowly eat away at her until they became a grey fog that followed her everywhere. 

When she turned 14, Christines spine began to twist itself into an S shape and she had to wear a back brace all the time. Eventually she had surgery but Christine was still constantly in pain, which spread through her whole body, almost crippling her. 

Christine left school to teach at the kindergarten, taking the frightened ones under her wing until they were strong enough to join in with the others. Yet she was still an outsider with the other teachers but she soon befriended a guy from the other side of town and she didn’t feel so alone anymore. 

However her first love was the devil in disguise and he turned her life inside out until she was merely a shadow of her former self. She always believed that deep down he was good but that his soul had been damaged and could heal if she loved him enough. That day never came. 

Now Christine felt like a ghost trapped on earth and her life continued to spiral further and further out of control. Broken hearted, jaded and alone, she had lost all faith in life and the cloud around her grew bigger everyday.

Then one day she bumped into her childhood love and the same roller coaster of love began all over again albeit less tumultuous than the first ride. Eventually Christine ended up right back where she started, just in time to see her mother pass away suddenly. 

When her twins were born it took every last ounce of strength for her to give them the care they demanded from her. Christine was grateful for the pure unconditional love she was given by her daughters. However she still felt empty and lost inside. 

Christine felt that she may never find her purpose and finally feel whole, fulfilled and truly at peace. Her life was devoted to her children and there wasn’t much time for destiny, discoveries or epiphanies. She had almost given up hope by the time she had to celebrate her 30th birthday. 

She had survived so many trials already in her young life. So many loved ones had left her, so many crippling illnesses had tried to take hold of her, plus poverty, abuse, deception, betrayal and so much more had plagued her life. Yet through it all she had tried to stay hopeful and kind. 

On her 30th birthday Christine kissed her babies goodnight and went outside to admire the stars. She looked at her beautiful big gum tree and softly whispered for help. As Christine cried, she felt the leaves of the eucalyptus gently brushing against her cheek. She stopped crying and looked up at the old tree but the branches were miles away from her. She shrugged it off and got up to go to bed. 

As Christine walked towards the door, she noticed a green frog staring at her from the nearby table. She smiled at him and he winked at her and waved his arm around. Christine wondered if she had really just seen that or if she was just imagining things again. 

She turned back to look at the frog but he had hopped towards the gum tree. Christine followed him and watched as he climbed up the trunk of the tree until she lost sight of him. She stared up into the trees branches once again and this time she noticed the shape of a fox and a butterfly cut out of the sky by the way the leaves hung. 

Suddenly a breeze blew through the tree and the fox and butterfly shapes had disappeared. Christine had to know what it all meant so she grabbed her phone and typed in animal messengers. 

Butterflies symbolise resurrection, change, hope and life. Foxes symbolise wisdom and are guides through the spirit world. Christine still didn’t see how any of that had anything to do with her. She decided to go to bed and try to figure it out again in the morning. 

That night she had a strange dream. She was lost in a maze and had no idea which way to go. Suddenly a fox ran past so she chased after him, hoping he would know the way out. As she ran, thorny bushes scratched at her face. The fox ducked under a barbed wire fence and Christine tried to follow as the barbs pierced her skin. By now she was in terrible pain but she had to get out. 

She followed the fox up a hill but by the time she got to the top, she collapsed, exhausted. As she tried to get up, a pair of hands lifted her up and carried her. It was her husband Simon and he smiled and told her not to give up hope. Christine closed her eyes, relieved that she didn’t have to be alone anymore. 

When she opened her eyes, she was in a cave and simon was gone. The cave seemed to be sealed shut but Christine started to search for a way out. Suddenly a butterfly landed on her arm then flew away again. She watched the butterfly look for its own way out and hoped she could follow. Finally the butterfly escaped the cave. 

Christine quickly climbed up to the tiny hole that the butterfly had left through. She could hear a dog barking on the other side. She called out for help and the dog came to investigate. He started to dig at the hole, excitedly. Christine watched and waited until she could finally fit through it. It was her old dog buddy and he gave her a big wet kiss and bounded away. 

As she looked around at the beautiful meadow she was standing in, Christine became surrounded by butterflies. When they were finally all gone, she saw that her injuries had vanished. Suddenly she heard someone crying near a big gum tree so she went over to find out what was going on. 

As she got closer, she saw that the crying was coming from two little girls who had fallen off a swing together. Then she realised that they were her daughters jada and Tory. She swept them into her arms and cuddled them tightly. Then she kissed them on their noses and wiped away their tears. 

Christine started to softly sing them a lullaby and they both fell asleep in her arms. She looked up from her sleeping beauties and saw that the fox and the butterfly and buddy, were all there and they had all fallen asleep too. She smiled and heard a voice tell her that it was time to go. 

Christine stood up and saw her mother standing behind her. She ran to hug her mother, who told Christine that her struggles were finally over. She had proven that she was strong enough to handle her destiny and now she had been reborn and was ready to be the earths saviour. 

She wondered what she could possibly do to help an entire planet when she couldn’t even get her own life together. Her mother explained to her that all she had to do was radiate peace, hope, kindness and love, just as she had as a child. Christine had been put here to spread the message of guardianship for the earth and to help people remember that we are all connected. Christine promised her mother that she would. 

Christine woke up and couldn’t believe the dream she had just had. She finally understood her purpose and smiled peacefully as she sat down at her desk to start writing her message….her love song to the earth.

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Death soon becomes us or so they say Beauty and passion are taken away
Turn away bleeding they banish your soul
No longer forgiven deception untold
Follow the streetlights to suffering and pain
Anguish stained teardrops will fade with the rain
Jealousy within us is coupled with hate
Forces of nature controlling our fate
Lonely souls beckon, the future so blind
Suffer the children because of our kind
No understanding of all that we’ve done
We’ll never bear witness to the beasts we’ve become
The shadows surround us like angels of death
Our heartbeats are fading with every breath
Now here in the silence we close our eyes tight
We’ll sleep til forever and follow the light
Our tears have all fallen, this sorrows our own
Another soul broken now we’re all alone
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I Miss Being a Tree

The rain fell gently all over me, reminding me of the past. It felt cool on my dry faded skin. Then the sun came out from behind the clouds, drying me off. I felt the cold hard concrete holding me in place and a breeze gently passing me. All around me, others just like me, stood like cookie cutter statues all in a row. We all shared the same sadness and longing for home. A home we would never see again.

I tried not to think about my last day there but sometimes i could still hear the sound of the saw cutting through my body. Then that almighty crash as i fell to the ground, surrounded by my friends. I wondered if they had suffered a similar fate to me. I had reached out to those nearest to me when i felt the first blow. My life energy had surged from my roots and into theirs, passing along my strength to help them grow even stronger.

Now i could no longer feed from the earth that had surrounded my roots. I could never again soak up the rain or breathe in the air. My limbs had all been removed so i couldnt offer shade or a home for wildlife anymore. My bark had been stripped away, leaving my trunk exposed. I would no longer grow any closer to the sky. My only purpose now, was to serve as a place for things to be hung. A lifeless ghost of my former green glory. Never to bloom again.