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Income- $875/wk child support, family tax benefits, rent assistance, parenting payment


Rent 300

Food 290

Petrol 45

Elect 40

Net 20

Rego 15

Netflixs 10

Insure/licence 5

Spotify/ph 5

Tutor 40

Lolly 20

Gym 15

Spend/save 50

1k-clothes, gifts, hobs, ride


White Lies

Sometimes I feel exactly like a ghost im just reacting
To all the bullshit that surrounds me and that slowly tries to drown me
Don’t tell me to place nice cause these men are merely mice
Like a plague infesting earth, preying on us since our birth
But always moving right along to all the ones who’ll do them wrong
Cause they’re too blind to realise or to see us through their real eyes
So they keep on breaking hearts and tearing the innocent ones apart
Until the only ones remaining are the ones who’ll rot their brains
And take them for everything they’ve got, cause they love them, love them not
And then they all come crawling back now cause they figured out the truth now
That the ones that they betrayed are the ones that wouldve stayed
By their side through hell or high, water but your love was a lie
Cursed the day she learnt your name cause now she’ll never be the same
Since you ripped her bleeding heart from her chest, tore it apart
Then you threw it on the cold hard floor so you could stomp on it some more
Yet she still wakes up each day and tries her best to find her way
To push the pain down deep inside even though it feels like she’s gonna die
But she refuses to give up now even though she’s got no idea how
She’s gotta keep going for her kids and try to forget everything he did
Knowing that she also played her part and now she’s gotta try to heal her heart
So she can take another chance on another hopeless romance
But maybe this one will prevail and maybe this time it won’t fail
Then her heart can finally rest in the arms of a man who stands the test
Of time cause this guys not gonna bail so she can finally get her fairytale

A little white lie never hurt no one
A little white lie, it was just some fun
But little white lies turn to great big ones
Now your little white lies weigh a God damn ton


Purple Heart

I’ve always tried my hardest to be such a good girl
To follow all the rules and to fit into this world
But I’ll never quite fit in and now I know exactly why
Their rules were just my chains in a clever ass disguise

I’ve had my heart beaten up and torn up into shreds
By those who could care less if I wound up cold and dead
I’ve almost come so close to that point now once or twice
But something deep inside of me refuses to play nice

I swallowed all their pills that they promised me would help
And tried hard to accept all of the cards that I’d been dealt
Tried filling up my empty heart and emptying my mind
With whiskey, gin and ecstasy blurring up the lines

For most of all my life Ive been here struggling alone
While searching for that someone else that I can call my home
Cause home is not a place like a city or a town
It’s someone you feel safe with and can let your guard down

I’m never gonna settle for some half assed lying fake
I’ve been there twice already and it’s more than I could take
Don’t need a superman or a shiny diamond ring
Just a man to treat me like a queen so he can be my king

See I just want my very own forever ride or die
Who always has my back and won’t need to tell me lies
But loyalty is hard to find in this new modern age
And red flags painted white just seem to be the trend these days

I wear a purple heart
But I havnt been to war
Well not the kind you’re thinking of
It’s one that’s at my core

I wear a purple heart
Although nobody can tell
It’s black and blue a little too
It’s seen its share of hell



All 10×4

Goblet squat 10
Roman deadlift 25

60 sec rest-kegs-10hold, 10 rest

Seated oh shoulder press 5
Side lat raises 2.5

Hip thrust 15

Bent over kb rows 20

Reverse lunge 5

Kb swing 16

Walk lunge 5

Russian twist 5
Leg lift

Split squat 5

Lat pull down 25

Leg press 35

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Homeschool Report

Targeting Maths type of bks-eg.addition term 1&4

Plan-copy parts, use the curriculum

Long multiple answers


Notepad not workbook

Maths needs 2 answers


Simpler vs more detailed

Your questions/info vs theirs/more creative or independent work/self edited

Shorter vs longer

Name, Grade, date, subject, Sample number

English 1st sample – draft and final, poem and poem, long enough for grade

Dont repeat anything from previous years

Show working out for maths

You used good descriptive words, spelling, capitals, punctuation, interpretation, vocab, recollection, analysation, editing, sentence structure, comprehension, etc. -curriculum

Eg. Give them a list of who likes what flavoured ice cream, ask them to tally the answers. Ask a simple question (what’s the favourite flavour?). That’s first sample.
Second sample might be ‘think of a question you’d ask, find and ask 10 people. Mark (or tally) their responses, graph it (given the graph outline already) answer 2 questions (favourite/least favourite) or similar.

Show editing, like a character profile (like the Leonard page) or a writing plan (yr2).

Video or typed or lots of photos

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The Gaelic form of the surname Joyce is Seoigh pronounced sho ya/sho-i-ga.The name may be of French locational origins from the village of Josse sur Mer, in Calvados, Normandy Glamorganshire (Welsh: Sir Forgannwg), a region of South Wales, anciently part of the Welsh kingdom of Glywysing, where they held a family seat from very early times and were granted lands by Duke William of Normandy, their liege Lord, for their distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings.They settled in the far west of Connacht, on the borders of Mayo and Galway, where their descendants became completely gaelicised, ruling the territory in the barony of Ross – today still known as ‘Joyce’s Country’The Joyces were one of the fourteen ‘Tribes of Galway‘, who had seats in Mervue, Woodquay, and parts of County Mayo.James Augustine Aloysius Joyce (1882-1941), Irish author, best known for his novel “Ulysses” in 1922, “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” in 1916.Richard Joyce was a goldsmith around 1700 who is credited with the origins of the Claddagh ring.”Death before dishonour”.We do know from the Battle Abbey Rolls that recorded the companions of William the Conqueror that a Cil de Jort (Lord of Jort) fought for William. It is assumed that this is the same person as Robertus de Jorz who was recorded in the Domesday Book 20 years later as owning land in Nottinghamshire.As the Joys became Gaelicised so too did the name which morphed to Clann Seioghe.There is a distinct branch of Joyces from England who do not appear to be related to those with Connemara roots, another branch related to the English Jowsey family and yet another related to a Josse family with roots in Scotland but some suggestion that they may have gone to Scotland via Ireland.Harden is a hamlet, in the parish of Bingley, union of Keighley, Upper division of the wapentake of Skyrack, in the West Riding of Yorkshire.In Scotland, the family claim Harden in Roxburghshire as their ancient homesteadThe surname was first found in Berwickshire, Scotland•William John English VC (1882-1941), Irish recipient of the Victoria CrossDerived from the Old Norse word manningi, which means a valiant man.The surname Manning was first found in SuffolkThe oldest record of the family occurs in Domesday [Book]Mannings Heath is a village in the Horsham District of West Sussex, England.• Corporal Sidney E. Manning soldier in the United States Army who received the Medal of Honor for World War IIrish, scottish, welsh, englishConnacht, mayo, galway

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Death soon becomes us or so they say
Beauty and passion are taken away
Turn away bleeding they banish your soul
No longer forgiven deception untold
Follow the streetlights to suffering and pain
Anguish stained teardrops will fade with the rain
Jealousy within us is coupled with hate
Forces of nature controlling our fate
Lonely souls beckon, the future so blind
Suffer the children because of our kind
No understanding of all that we’ve done
We’ll never bear witness to the beasts we’ve become
The shadows surround us like angels of death
Our heartbeats are fading with every breath
Now here in the silence we close our eyes tight
We’ll sleep til forever and follow the light
Our tears have all fallen, this sorrows our own
Another soul broken now we’re all alone
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I Miss Being a Tree

The rain fell gently over me, reminding me of the past. It felt cool on my dry faded skin. Then the sun came out from behind the clouds, drying me. I felt the cold hard cement holding me in place and a breeze gently passing me. All around me, others just like me, stood like cookie cutter statues all in a row. We all shared the same sadness and longing for home. A home we would never see again.

I tried not to think about my last day there but sometimes i could still hear the sound of the saw cutting through my body. Then that almighty crash as i fell to the ground, surrounded by my friends. I wondered if they had suffered a similar fate to mine. I had reached out to those nearest to me when i felt the first blow. My life energy had surged from my roots and into theirs, passing along my strength to help them grow even stronger.

Now i could no longer feed from the earth that had surrounded my roots. I could never again soak up the rain or breathe in the air. My limbs had all been removed so i couldnt offer shade or a home for the animals anymore. My bark had been stripped away, leaving my trunk exposed. I would no longer grow any closer to the sky. My only purpose now, was to serve as a place for things to be hung. A lifeless ghost of my former green glory. Never to bloom again.

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My Life

Born 1982


Kate 1984

Hervey bay

Blake 1986











Moved out




Gold coast






Moved out


Mum died


Moved out










Lost Weight


Online dating



Hervey Bay

Blood pressure








Career-animal sound/touch healing, writer, etc


Happily ever after